4 ways conscious branding leads to business success

You started your small business because you wanted to make a difference in the world, and want to share this with your audience. But maybe you’re wondering if crafting a brand strategy around your vision can help your business grow. The good news is conscious branding can help your business succeed.

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What is conscious branding? 

Essentially, crafting a brand strategy that specifically highlights the values and ethics of your purpose-driven business is conscious branding. It tells audiences who you are and what you stand for in no uncertain terms. Conscious branding is all about making intentional choices in your small business that align with your vision and values – and those of your target audience.

But how can conscious branding help your business succeed? The benefits are many, but here are 4 of the top reasons that your conscious business can benefit from an intentional brand strategy:

  1. Customers intentionally seek out conscious brands
  2. A conscious branding strategy encourages authentic connection with your audience
  3. Purpose-driven businesses that commit to a cause strengthen the emotional bond with customers
  4. A conscious brand strategy is a powerful way to help your business stand out

Let’s take a deep dive into these 4 ways a conscious brand strategy can help business success!

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Today’s consumers favour conscious brands more than ever

Many different studies show that today’s consumers are less concerned about traditional metrics like status or even price. They want to do business with a purpose-driven brand that makes an intentional effort to do good in the world. For us, these statistics make it clear: creating a conscious branding strategy can have a positive effect on the success of your business.

The days of purchasing decisions being led by large, faceless corporations are long over. Today’s consumers value a brand that aligns with their own values when it comes to social, environmental, and even political issues. They want their hard-earned money to go to a small business that gives back to their communities and the world they live in.

Here’s some proof that consumers welcome conscious branding as part of a brand strategy:


are more likely to try purchasing from a company that takes a stand on a social or public policy issue.


are more loyal to a business that supports social or environmental issues.


are willing to pay morefor products and services worldwide by sustainable brands


global increase in Google searches for sustainable goods since 2017

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A conscious brand strategy will help you connect with customers authentically

A successful branding strategy keeps the needs and wants of your target audience at the forefront of your mind. What do they value? Where are their habits as consumers? What messaging do they respond to best?

A conscious brand strategy ensures that the way you incorporate your vision and values aligns with what your target audience expects. For example, your target audience may prefer brands that use their social media platforms to educate on their area of expertise, or they may look to a brand that sources its materials from ethical, sustainable places. A consumer like this will be turned off by a business that has the outward appearance of a conscious brand, but does nothing to back up what they say. They’ll feel this business is untrustworthy.

As a conscious small business, be transparent about your values and ask your audience to join you in making a positive impact in the world. A conscious branding strategy allows your purpose-driven brand to be upfront and intentional about your ethics and actions. Today’s consumer loves authenticity, and they want to connect with conscious brands based on shared values. Embrace it – make your vision and values a cornerstone of your brand strategy, and you’ll soon find how rewarding authentic connection can be.

Do you need help identifying your target audience and what they’ll resonate with? Download our free brand strategy template to help your conscious small business connect with your next loyal customers.

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Ethical brands can use their influence to make a positive impact on behalf of their customers

One way conscious branding helps a business succeed is by advocating for a cause that its customers believe in. Consumers make intentional decisions with their money, choosing to support purpose-driven brands that are clear about what they stand for. Even a very small business can be a champion for a cause, whether it’s environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, improved education, or anything its founders believe in.


A strong conscious branding strategy will incorporate giving back to the community in a way that aligns with a business’ core values – and those of its audience. When your customers see that purchasing from your conscious small business leads directly into making a positive impact, you’ll strengthen the emotional connection they have with your brand. Highlight the causes you support to show your customers that you’re there for them beyond simple business transactions.

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A conscious branding strategy delivers a clear competitive advantage

There are many purpose-driven businesses out there, and sometimes it may seem difficult to figure out how to differentiate your own. However, a strong conscious brand strategy can help your business succeed by focussing on your specific values and the causes you champion. There may be a handful of environmentally-friendly photographers in your area, for example, but perhaps you’re the only one who regularly hosts a “neighbourhood clean-up” event. Or you may be the only photographer who hosts a free workshop on photography basics for low-income learners.

Examine your conscious small business closely and identify any elements that you can incorporate into your marketing that clearly demonstrate how your brand makes a positive impact. No example is too small – you never know what your ideal customer will connect with!

Conscious branding examples

We hope we’ve helped you see how creating a conscious branding strategy can help business success. Why not take further inspiration from these well-known brands that exemplify conscious branding done right?


  • Ben & Jerry’s: For decades, Ben & Jerry’s has been well-known for making a positive impact as part of their branding strategy. They clearly state their social beliefs, and outline what they do to make a difference in these areas.
  • Honest: It’s right in their name – this beauty brand makes transparency, sustainability, advocacy, and outreach pillars of their business model. Their customers choose them because they align with their own values.
  • Thinx: Thinx is arguably the most famous brand offering absorbent underwear to make menstruation a little easier, but they go beyond that innovation. Thinx is transparent about the materials they use to make their underwear, and proclaim their commitment to ethical, sustainable manufacturing.
Ready to create a conscious branding strategy of your own and help your business succeed? We’re here to help!
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