How it works

Level up and stand out as the impactful expert you know you are

How it works

Level up and stand out as the impactful expert you know you are

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STEP 1: BrandImpact™ Game Plan

The BrandImpact™ Game Plan is a deep dive interview where we’ll get to know everything about you and your business — where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go — and then we’ll find your brand’s inner fire, telling you what your BrandImpact™ opportunity is and what you need to start doing and stop doing, to own it and be seen as the go-to expert. Then you can implement on your own, or hire us to take care of it for you. The cost of the BrandImpact Game Plan is applied to the full project if you move forwards.

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STEP 2: Make it happen with a BrandImpact™ Intensive

Once you have mind blowing clarity on your inner fire and what your impact opportunity is, we execute this following the recommendations in the BrandImpact Gameplan.

We’ll create an artfully designed brand that makes you look the expert professional that everyone wants to work with.

What they say


“I came to Rob with the idea of creating a logo that would represent Project Awesome. Rob took me on a journey that solidified my own thoughts and vision for the organisation and what I came away with was a whole array of assets that wove the whole soul and core of the organisation together. Mind blown.”

Danny Bent - Founder—Project Awesome